Happy Monday all!

I've got a crush. I'm going to get a poster to hang on my bedroom wall. I might even get an airbrushed t-shirt to wear around town. I'm in mad love and his name is Lonny. (sorry hubs) I've always thought he was cute, but until the November issue, I never realized how in love I was. Makeovers, Sister Parish, Heather and Jenny. It's just damn good, and that's all there is to say. Oh Lonny.

all images via Lonny

It's cold, dark and rainy here. The perfect day to cuddle up with some pretty pictures. And if you aren't having the same weather I am, just pretend you are and enjoy some time with a good publication.

Speaking of the weekend, how was yours? Do anything exciting? Don't tell me about RHOA, I haven't watched it yet!


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