That is the one and only time I will ever reference Debby Boone. Promise.

As I discussed the other day, my youngest has quite a love for elephants. She's so in style these days, I know. So of course when I saw this Shirley Fintz lamp I thought of my daughter's infinite happiness.
via West Elm
Oh how she would love that in her room. But I could never seem to pull the trigger on the $250 for someone who isn't yet 2 and has a habit of breaking pretty much everything in her path.

The goddess of restraint rewarded me though when my mom and I found this little dude out on the town.

Clearly not exactly the same. He's more of a lone wolf than the West Elm clique but as my 5-year-old would say, "same difference". And he was $18 so wahoo!

He did come without a shade. This one is just a temporary fix from the basement, so clearly he needs something more...fitting.

He's got the cutest little face.

I also think I want to do something to spruce up his pole thingy... whatever you call that part between the lamp base and the light bulb. It's too long and plain. OK, this is going in the wrong direction.

The point is - cute lamp. Cheap lamp. Blue and White. Good times. Expect to see this little dude spruced up soon.

Score any good finds lately? Doing anything exciting for the weekend? Want me to come over for dinner? I always bring my sparkling wit and usually some good liquor.


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