I was baking cookies the other day and as I waited for the timer to ding I stared at this.

I'm over it.

Not the shelves, but the white. Ever since I added my lovely new rug by the sink, I've been thinking the other side of the kitchen needed some blue as well.

This is where all of those purchases of blue and white come in handy. Proof to the hubs that you can never have too much blue and white. 10 minutes later...

Voila. Much better and a bit cozier for winter. We'll consider this my 'winter kitchen'. If you can't have a winter home, you can at least have a winter kitchen.

And if I decide to change it again in the Spring, I know it will be quick and easy.

Have you made any quick changes around the house? Have a collection that moves from place to place? Have a winter home you'd like to share with me?


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