Several weeks ago I went to an estate sale in an amazing house. Each one of the SIX bedrooms had upholstered walls in a different toile. Coordinating but not matching custom made silk curtains in each room (because what is toile without some silk) and custom bedding as well. A little too much toile for most, but as Martyn Lawerence would say it was 'delicious'. I went back to that sale twice, mostly to just look at the house. It was my first encounter with upholstered walls and I'm telling you, they are no joke.

And I'm not talking one flew over the cuckoo's nest padded walls. I mean upholstered goodness. Like this.

Peter Dunham via Veranda
Martyn Lawrence
Alison Womack Jowers via Inspiring Interiors
Musso Design Group via Design Indulgence
Vogue Living via Brabourne Farm
Encore Decor Atlanta via Pinterest
Sarah Richardson
Celerie Kemble
That Celerie Kemble dining room is upholstered in my very favorite Betwixt fabric. Bananas.

What do you think? A fan or not so much? Ever tried it? Jenny has a great tutorial (of course) about it if you are looking for a winter break DIY.


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