There is nothing I hate worse than bragging on myself. Beyond ironic statement as there is this whole blog thing going on, I know. But that is a post for another time.

I however, have no problem bragging on those that I know.

So as I get ready to do some heavy duty Christmas wrapping this weekend, I thought I would share two wonderful and very different gift wrapping options by people I just happen to know.

First up we have my college friend Keely. Girlfriend is a mega talented graphic designer and her house is always amazing (which you know I love). She gives Martha Stewart a run for her money and the cherry on top - she's funny. Really funny. Enter her Snarky Gift Tags.

These are right up my alley as there is nothing I love more than a smart ass comment to go with my holiday cheer. Check out her Etsy store and buy these suckers up before they are all gone.

Secondly, I'm lucky enough to know Carrie Kiefer. She is my cousin's wife (so my cousin-in-law?) and half of the Ampersand Design Studio. Carrie's talent is just beyond - you should have seen her wedding. And to top it off, she's just about the sweetest girl around. She and her partner are making major waves with their prints, their fabric and their all around killer talent.

Their printable gift tags were featured in the best gift guide ever, To & From, that I mentioned last week.

Two great ways to add some major style to your packages this year.

So was I right or what? I know some pretty talented people! Have you wrapped anything yet? Have you bought anything yet?

And btw, thanks for all of the great advent advice, you all are the best!!


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