~~~Hold my Hand~~~~ ~~~Hold my Hand~~~~

The other day, our dear KariAnne told a story. A story about love, and support, and the REAL meaning of love. It remended me that I have a s...

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one room challenge - the bathroom edition week 5 one room challenge - the bathroom edition week 5

I'm not going to lie, I had a bit of trouble typing '5' in the title there. Week five? Really? Oh good lord. (Catch up on weeks ...

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~~~Cheery, Sunny, Yellow and White Table~~~ ~~~Cheery, Sunny, Yellow and White Table~~~

Our weather is all over the place right now. I am NOT complaining though because I am SO sorry for all those who are being devastated by the...

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~~~Look what I got!!!~~~ ~~~Look what I got!!!~~~

For Easter our daughter and Son-in-law brought me this beautiful hydrangea. And at the same time I had been looking (for a long time) for an...

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small home, big style small home, big style

What day is this? What's my name again? My apologies for the radio  web silence my friends, I hate to be off schedule. Last week I had m...

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~~~Copper Molds in the Kitchen~~~ ~~~Copper Molds in the Kitchen~~~

While we were in Fl. I did manage to get to 1 antique store! When I spied these copper molds I grabbed them! Only one is vintage but they we...

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~~~Spring in the Breakfast Room~~~ ~~~Spring in the Breakfast Room~~~

Good morning!!! Today is a happy day for me because I am spending the day with my beautiful daughter! She has the day off and she asked me t...

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