This is the corner table in my dining room that you have seen before. Here is my part of my collection of Belsnickles, some more are on the Bakers rack. I will share that later!!!
 Here is my new guy! He is so pretty to me!

 I also love the old bottle brush trees! My son gave me these 2.
 Cute guy with his bottle brush tree.
 This is the one my son gave me! I just love him!

 Some greens and a garland.

 A Lenox votive holder.

 Close up of his face.
I have a very large collection of Santas, which you will see soon, but my son got me started on these beautiful Belsnickle Santas. He had several and I LOVED them! The largest one is new this year but the one HE gave me is the most precious!!! I hope you enjoy!


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