Welcome to Christmas, 2010!!!! It was a great day. This post is FULL of pictures, I hope you don't get BORED to death:) Thanks for indulging me! Don't forget you can click on the pics to emlarge and get a better view! Here are the few gifts under the tree in the morning, when we got up.

 These are my Christmas slippers!!
 And my Christmas PJ's. I got Tracy matching PJ's and slippers too!
Joe opening his gifts.

 He HATES getting his picture taken:)
 This is how the table STARTED. It got changed several times:):)
 I do love my Lenox Christmas dishes. I love the holly and berry motif with the pretty ribbon running through it.
 A little detail.
My "goldware". JUst for special days, and Christmas is THE special day, isn't it??!!

 The Lenox wine glasses and a champayne flute for a toast. We had many "first's" this year. Tracy and Dave's first Christmas as a married couple, The baby, Braylon's first Christmas, and Hope (the puppy's) first Christmas!!!!!
 The S and P set.
 I added a gift at each place setting.
 The water pitcher.

 Creamer and sugar for coffe.

 The newlyweds, Tracy and Dave! Sorry it's blurry:( I am not the best photographer:)
 Joe and I. He is the best!!!!!!!!
Dave and Hope!!!!

 LOTS more presents under the tree. It was crazy how many gifts there were!!!!!
Jen and Will opening the baby's gifts!!!:)

 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Baby Braylon! He is so adorable and GOOD!!!!

 Braylon got sunglasses from his Aunt Roe!!!! He is LOOKIN GOOD!!!!
 Braylon and his LOLA (that is Grandma in Filipino)!!!!

 Tracy opening some gifts from Her SIL, Roe! We sure missed her. She is serving in the Air Force.

 Love my girl. Wish our son, Brian could have been with us. MISSED him so much!
 I changed out the centerpieces. I made these a few years ago and they are nice and low so can stay on the table.
 The berries went nicely with the dishes. I love the little "dancing" reindeer:)

 Joe pouring the champayne. Here's to all of YOU, who are wonderful and supportive. I so appreciate every one of you who come to visit me and leave a comment. Thanks for your encouragement on this new venture of mine!!!!!!!!! XOXO, Pinky


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