Welcome to my hubby's train room! He did ALL of this himself, and would Love to add on more but the room is FULL!!! He has many MORE trains on shelves around the room and still in boxes under the train board! But here are some pictures you might enjoy. The kids who visit us LOVE this!!!! . Looking down "Main Street"! I couldn't ge tis at the beginning of ths post: This is a post from last year, at that time we had NO idea we wold not be in that house this year!!! I thought I would share again the train room, since we don't have it up again.....yet:) I hope you enjoy this little tour. UPDATE: since we don't have the trains set up in the new house yet, I thought maybe you might enjoy seeing this again.

 Looking as you enter the room.
 I turned the flash on so you could really see the buildings even though they aren't as pretty with the flash:)

There are people decorating the tree, you can see them better ion the next picture.

This is the "New England" village. They are making mapple syrup!!!:)

 The diner.
 The trains can go through or over the mountain.

 Can you see the skating pond back there? I couldn't get close enough.

 Had to include the church on Christmas!
 He just got this new bus yesterday.

 Santa is arriving in the fire truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST in time:)

 This is the town we live in!I hope you have enjoyed your little tour. Thanks so much for stopping by at this VERY busy time. I read EVERY comment and appreciate every one too! Thank you all for being so supportive on this NEW venture of mine!! I wish you all a very merry, blessed Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO, Pinky


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