This is what I see every morning as I walk into the kitchen. I LOOOVE my Kitchen Santa, I got him at Kohl's last year for 1/2 price!
Here we go across the windowsill. I have lights on here and greens and some small santas, mostly from craft fairs years ago! The little sleds were from a craft fair too. I love the 2 little Santas on the ends, they have cinnamom stick arms and legs:)
Santa in his rocker.
A Santa in a chair, he has to relax a little before the BIG NIGHT:):)
Cute pottery Santa from the drug store!!! And a Santa on a sleigh.
 Another pottery Santa
 Leather like Santa and the other Santa with cinnamon legs:)
The gingerbread house is a luminary! It look so pretty at night!

These are canisters! I got them at the place where I used to work about 10 years ago! SO cute!!!!

Top of the fridge.

The snowman on the left with the lantern I made 100 years ago when I took ceramic lessons!!!!
I still love him!

This one has a tea light.

The shelf between the kitchen and breakfast room. I put white lights then the "snow".

 These little reindeer are ornaments but I like them here.
 Lots of times I "add" to my pieces. Found this little sign for this snow guy to carry.
 On the breakfast room table.
 The sun was streaming in this morning!
 The hutch that my hubby made me!!!!! It gets decorated for every season:):)

Love the lantern on top and the lamp!

 The server in the breakfast room.

This is a Williraye piece. My hubby collects Williraye pieces.
 Creamer, sugar, S and P that have snowmen on them. Came from Walmart many years ago.
 I even replace pictures in here for Christmas!

 Snowman holds dishwashing detergent.
 Found this last year on clearance for $2.00!!!!! It holds my scrubbie!

The utensil holder came from Target several years ago. The red utensils from the Dollar store!

A dear friend gave this lamp to me many years ago for doing some decorating work for her! I just LOVE it!

Warmer that makes the kitchen smells like cinnamon;)
Oh how I love Christmas and decorating for Christmas!!!! It just makes me happy! It is ALOT of work, but I truly enjoy it. We are having a small Open House next Sunday so I think I am all ready, decorating wise for that! Here I will share the kitchen. Hope you enjoy! I ahve collected these for many years and each one has a different memory! Am I the only one or do any of you remember WHERE you bought each piece??? I do. OK, I'll be quiet now and let you enjoy!!!! Some how this ends up at the bottom sometimes, I don't know what I am doinmg wrong. I also want to tell you, don't forget, you can click on any picture to ENLARGE it!!!!


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