My son moved to Florida in Sept. Here is his new home. It is tiny but he has done WONDERS with this tiny space! I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures! I just wanted to brag a little, hope you don't mind!!!!
 He owns alot of art work and beautiful pieces!
 Some beautiful mirrors. Don't forget to click to see more detail.
 This is the little dining area. He is used to a large house and dining room so he has done very well, IMHO:):)
 The kitchen is off to the right.
 I just ADORE this hutch!!!!!!!!!

 He and I both have one of the LARGE blue and white jars. He owned a shop and they came from the shop.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour:) He did give me permission to share these pictures. They are not great quality because they were taken with his phone. I sure miss him!!!! But he is loving life in sunny Florida!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I read and appreciate EVERY comment!!! XO, Pinky


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