Here is one of our bathrooms, it is the one that guests use when visiting us. When I found THIS Santa I fell in LOVE with his coat!

This is a monkey lamp, see no evil, hear....  I surrounded it with greens, SPARKLY gold picks and 2 sparkly reindeer ornaments.

 A beautiful gold embossed candle from Home Goods.
 His colors go se well in this bath. It is usually done in a "Monkey theme". Did you see the leopard towels in the first picture? Don't forget, you can click on any picture to enlarge!!!!
 The back of his coat!!!
 Gold gilded greens with pinecones.
 A pretty bow for the holidays!
 This is the guest room bath. It is done in an African theme. I layer 2 shower curtains in my bathrooms. I totally stole this idea from a friend:):) Love the look!
 This Santa is more rustic looking.

 This is the bathroom downstairs next to the train room, which used to be a bedroom!!:) I will show you the train room soon! Stay tuned;):)

 Whoops, a little blurry, I didn't carry the tripod downstairs:)
 Some pretty holiday towels.
 I have had this set of deer for AGES but still like them!
 Oh dear, it seems I am a little shaky this morning!!!:) And I haven't had any caffeine at all!!!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the bathrooms all gussied up for Christmas! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I read every one and appreciate every one too! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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