Good morning and happy DECEMBER!!! I forgot to say that yesterday!!! Tonight is my party so I just snapped some random pics to give you a LITLLE, and I mean little, sneak peek. I have to get to vacumming and cleaning but will be posting ALOT after tonight.  This is a NEW gingerbread house, that is sitting on the server in the kitchen. It and the little candy tree next to it came from CTS. I think I am keeping them in business, I LOVE that store! The snowman that I showed you yesterday was from there too!
 The little baker guy is a Byers Choice Kindle. I got him at Home Goods!!!!! For almost HALF of what they normally sell! The tiny gingerbread house is an ornament.
 I found these beautiful poinsettia ornaments at Lowes!!!!!!!!! I love them, so they are new to the tree this year too.
 I love my gold star ornaments. Whoops, now I see that this is blurry, sorry!!!
 This is ONE of my handmade Santas. We bought 4 from a lady in Texas that made and sold themn when her children were in college. Each one is sent with a paper telling you of the origins of that particular Santa! This one is her "Italian" Santa, and he is holding a doll from Italy! I will give you a better shot in a later post. I was concentrating on his FACE! FACES are very important to me in choosing a Santa!
 I have these snowman canisters in the kitchen. I got them at the place where I worked, many years ago. I love the material hats and scarves!!!!
 She is my precious MINK lady snowgirl. Bought at a craft show many years ago. Love her.
So, I hope I haven't teased you too much. I will probably post room by room. Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Let the merriment begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to you all, Pinky


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